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About Petersen Marimbas

Petersen Marimbas is a woodworking business I started to provide high quality, durable, and affordable marimbas for schools, organizations, and even individuals.

As a carpenter in the Tumwater School District, I started to notice the music teachers having a hard time finding a supplier for classroom marimbas. As a former finish carpenter and cabinet builder, I wondered how I would possibly be able to meet their needs. Talking with my daughter and son-in-law, who are both music educators, I first learned about Tom Bourne; a long time marimba-building master. Under the mentoring of Tom, I learned all about the craft and art of marimba building.


I build marimbas of many sizes and for various uses. I build Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass, and any number of custom marimbas you may desire! For the younger musicians, I build a mini marimba that sits low to the ground. Every marimba I make ships with mallets. If you wish to order more mallets, I happily build those too! Pictures and detailed descriptions of all of these can be found on my Products page. I also offer repair and replacement services for any marimbas or mallets you may already have.

Contact me with any questions you have or orders you want to place.

Happy marimba playing!

-Jim Petersen

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